Project Management: Staying on Track & in Budget

Melbourne's IN2 SPACE understands the various stresses associated with delivering any interior design project: efficiently working on schedule and within a budget while also providing the highest quality of craftsmanship with minimal disruptions to your day-to-day operations is truly a daunting prospect. It takes experience with project management to stay on track and in budget.

The time between a project's conception and its completion is a hive of activity that needs to be kept closely in check and tightly managed in order to ensure that your project runs as smoothly as possible, producing a successful outcome for your clients and employees, as well as for you and your business.

The key to having any interior design operation go according to plan is simple: proper project management.

Our office space planners and project managers offer a professional planning approach that is both strict and consistent when necessary, but also flexible and accommodating enough in order to adapt to unexpected events and unforeseen circumstances.

The very nature of interior design is unpredictable: IN2 SPACE's professional and comprehensive project management services take the headache out of interior design. We will assign your project to an experienced, Melbourne-based office space planner, whose sole focus is to manage each and every aspect of your project.

In order to fully realize any interior design project, our dedication project managers need to possess an array of skills and traits such as:

  • solid technical expertise in interior design

  • focus on attention to detail

  • logically sound decision making

  • clear communication - both well written and well spoken

  • effective people management

  • strong negotiation skills

  • highly organised and self-motivated

  • efficient and professional.

Through the accurate co-ordination of detailed product orders, professional management of tradespeople, and routine site meetings conducted by your project's office space planner, IN2 SPACEĀ guarantees on-time and in-budget interior design solutions and professional project outcomes. Effective and efficient troubleshooting of any problems that may arise during the completion of your interior design project ensures complete client satisfaction with our project management services.