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Basic principles in creating a sustainable/green workplace

Eco-friendly and sustainable office designer
Sustainable Office Design

Test A sustainable or ‘green’ workplace is one that significantly reduces or entirely nullifies the harmful effects it has on both the employees working within it, as well as the natural environment surrounding it. This is achieved through a variety of ways, such as incorporating eco-focused operational strategies, adopting energy-saving technologies, and paying attention to staff needs. Creating a sustainably ‘green’ office in Melbourne while minimising a fit out’s ecological impact – its carbon footprint – can be attributed to the following three basic principles: environmental protection; economic development; and social development.

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OHS (Occupation Health and Safety) in an office environment

OHS Considerations in professional office design

Though office and commercial interiors are generally considered to be low-risk workplace environments, they still, however, contain numerous health and safety hazards. As such, they require close monitoring and tight inspection in order to reduce the risk of incidents, preventing serious health issues in the office environment.


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Importance of Sit/Stand Desks in a Workplace

Office Design incorporating sit-stand desks


As experienced office interior designers, our role is to not only design a workspace that looks good, but takes into account many elements that make it an exceptional place for all to work. Along with making a statement about your corporate identity, it needs to be functional from a OHS perspective; recognising the importance of components incorporated into design such as sit/stand desks in a workplace.

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Privacy and Acoustics Issues and Solutions in the Modern Day OPEN DESK Office Environment

A big change from old workspace design.

When it comes to hiring employees and keeping them happy, the importance of a well-designed commercial and office interior cannot be understated.


The designed workspace of Melbourne today is becoming increasingly modern, as commercial interior designers are moving away from traditional enclosed office layouts and compact cubicles towards more open offices and wider ‘cubicle-less’ cubicles. These ‘collaborative spaces’ are instead surrounded by glass walls to reduce divisions between workspaces and indeed, employees and employers. For these reasons, clever office design looks at Privacy and Acoustics and solutions in the modern day open desk office environment.


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