Sustainability & Suitability of Design for Office Spaces

When you partner with In2 Space to have your office space fitted out, you're also hiring an interior office space designer that is concerned with sustainability and suitability of design.

These principles refer to office designs and workspaces that are both specifically tailored to the environment surrounding them, as well as the individuals utilising and working within them.

7 ways we focus on sustainability and suitability of design for a workspace.

Sustainable and suitable architecture is focused solely on creating buildings, offices, workspaces, and interiors that:

  1. are comfortable & stimulating to work in

  2. reduce demands in energy & decrease energy consumption

3. adequately respond to the site they are situated on, as well as the climate they are located in

4. are cost-effective & affordable

5. produce safe & healthy spaces for employees to work in

6. minimise the adverse impact & influence of the built environment on the natural environment

7. effectively & efficiently balance social, environmental, and economic goals

What does building a sustainable and suitable office environment look like?

Buildings constructed in Melbourne account for close to 40% of the total number of energy resources consumed across the entire city; a dangerous trend that is wholly unsustainable and needs to change. In choosing sustainable architecture produced by  IN2 SPACE, you are ensuring a positive and beneficial impact on the environment, rather than a negative and detrimental influence on the already fragile eco-system.

The Impact Of Great Office Space Design

Coupled with our comprehensive project management services, IN2 SPACE's sustainable interior design solutions offer numerous green features including:

  • efficient plumbing systems, as well as water-saving toilet & sink fixtures

  • eliminating the need for artificial heating & cooling through optimally-designed insulation

  • natural ventilation & passive solar configurations to significantly reduce energy consumption

  • reducing the industrial impact on the environment by having workspaces follow the natural contours of the land, rather than shaping the land to the building

  • better, more efficient office designs that last longer – effectively reducing the need to bulldoze and reconstruct

When it comes to sustainability and suitability in workspace design and office design, there's only one clear choice: choose a design firm that guarantees complete customer satisfaction – choose IN2 SPACE, Melbourne's interior design and project management specialists.