Workspace Design Philosophy

IN2 Space is considered a premium partner to companies in designing  or upgrading their workspace based on a number of important workspace design elements. Indeed, we are also award winners for some of our commercial workspace designs.

About Design Philosophy

A Design Philosophy really can be an individual thing and everyone's design philosophy can be different based on their own idea of style and of course taking into account space size, culture and the business itself. If you have an existing space that needs an upgrade or you are considering a space for your business then you'll want to talk to one of our experienced office space designers.

Doing Business Today

In today's business environment, it is not enough for an organisation to only consider the office accommodation and the measurements standards normally applied to that work space.  It is also now a fundamental requirement that the layout of the office architecturally supports the business culture and allows continuous ongoing improvement strategies. IN2 SPACE can assist to provide that solution.

Corporate Culture + Identity

It is important that the image you present  to your target market embodies your beliefs, is easily identified  and supports your business culture.

At IN2 SPACE we can quickly identify and successfully achieve with you, a flexible office accommodation framework that supports and promotes your corporate identity,  whilst facilitating future organizational change and development.


This is defined as the number of moves during a given year expressed as a percentage of the total number of staff. Churn is a large by-product of change. Since change is a necessity to business growth and development, Churn is inevitable.


Today the current Churn Ratio in Business averages 40% and is up 15% on the 10 years prior. Churn can be as inexpensive as $300 for a Box move ( which is files only ) or as costly as $10,000 for single office moves.

Costs attributable to churn may be substantial, so creative and well-considered planning plays an important role when designing an office space.

Organisational change

Today the rate of change and adaptation required to be competitive and innovative has increased dramatically compared to years gone by. Perhaps the most asked question in business today is, "What can we do to make our business survive and grow?"

There are numerous techniques, solutions and methods to help businesses improve productivity, quality and customer satisfaction such as: Total Quality Management, Customer Satisfaction, Re-engineering and Team building.

Achieving the best outcome also requires an office layout that factors in future requirements and changing needs with built-in flexibility for future expansion. The selection of  appropriate office and furniture systems is vital to ensure that all of these variables are  easily accommodated as they arise. At IN2 SPACE, we will provide a design layout solution that will ensure this happens easily.

Cost of letting space

In 95% of companies, property is the second highest business cost after salaries. Most companies target accommodation costs and seek savings through space efficiencies.
The typical office space size has declined substantially from around 30sqm per person in the 1990's, to about 15sqm today, at a saving of about $6150 per person. On larger office floor areas with numerous staff, the space efficiencies are as low as  10-15sqm. Efficiencies through creative planning will assist in the overall business strategy.

Occupational Health + safety

Workplace Safety is a major concern for all businesses,  large + small.
What does this mean for you ?   That you have absolute responsibility for the day-to-day health, safety and welfare of your employees and visitors to your workplace. Poorly planned workspace environments will definitely contribute to increasing your cost of doing business.

Trends in the Workplace

In trends Today's workplace culture there are emerging themes and practices. The world, as represented to us,is becoming more visually stimulating and communication is more instant. Some of the following concepts and changes are borne from our changing lifestyle and our past experiences and expectations.

There is a noticeable softening of the workplace. As stress levels rise and the boundaries of lifestyle and work are blurred, the workplace is called upon to be more sympathetic and help facilitate a balance.

Typically walls and office fitout furniture in the general work areas are being reduced in height to promote communication plus a visual openness throughout. The new and improved commercial interior design layouts facilitate natural daylight and allow views to be brought into the internal office space.

Informal relaxed meeting spaces serve to do business, interact and communicate more in present day business practices. Transient staff, shifting staff levels and flexible work practices have given rise to temporary working environments and hot desks.

A cafe on the floor has replaced the former kitchen as the staff common meeting place.
Colours and graphic images in the work environment are playing an increasingly important role in stimulating our senses and visually reinforcing the business culture.

Here's what a well considered commercial interior office environment designed by our IN2 SPACE team in Melbourne can provide for you:

  • Effective use of floor space with smart office fitouts for a maximum return on the net lettable floor area

  • Efficient individual and departmental communications

  • Increased productivity

  • Reduced office capital expense and running costs

  • Improved work flow practices

  • Stimulating working environment

  • Suitable accommodation that will attract and maintain a higher calibre of staff

  • Increased flexibility to allow for changes in team structure, work flow, departmental rationalisation and company growth

  • Maximum utilisation of current technology and services

  • Filing and storage efficiencies

Talk to us today about your office space and how our expert team can design your office interior.